Snugglesox are Microwave Heatable Slipper Socks

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order and how quickly can I get them?

To order, please use the online shop which offers handy credit card payment or instant EFT via the Payfast platform. You can expect your order in 1-2 working days (major cities) or 3-4 working days (outlying areas take a bit longer). We are unable to deliver to informal settlements.

What are the payment options...can I do a bank deposit or manual EFT instead?

The easiest and quickest is credit card or instant EFT via Payfast, which will ensure that the stock you ordered is allocated to you immediately. Bank deposits or manual EFT deposits are also accepted, but causes a delay and the order will only be processed once payment has cleared in our account. For deposits, select the option when you checkout and then look out for the invoice which will be emailed to you. If you do not receive it within 15 mins, please email us on 

Which areas do you deliver to and what are the courier fees?

We currently use The Courier Guy or Aramex couriers which offer fast delivery to your door, anywhere in South Africa. There is a flat rate of R70 delivery per order, regardless of how many products you order. If you live in an outlying area (townships, farms) you would need to organise an address in your closest city to ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time. We are not able to deliver to a P.O. Box.
The below delivery areas are given as a guideline on the courier website – 50km around each of the following areas is usually considered a main centre:

  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Polokwane
  • Rustenburg
  • Nelspruit
  • Vaal Triangle
  • Kimberley
  • Bloemfontein
  • Cape Town
  • Stellenbosch
  • Richards Bay
  • George
  • Port Elizabeth
  • East London
  • Durban
  • Pietermaritzburg

Can you specify what day and time you will deliver?

We will email / sms you once the order has been dispatched to the courier, and will let you know which day we expect the order to reach you however the couriers are unable to deliver at a specified time of the day. If you would like the order to arrive after a certain day you can let us know and we can hold back the order till then.

What type of address should be used?

Please use an address with someone present during working hours; you will receive a notification and tracking number once the parcel is sent however the courier cannot give a precise time of when delivery will take place. It needs to be easy for the courier to deliver (doorbell, interkom etc.). An address in a town or city is better than outlying areas. If you are uncertain, please ask a friend or relative with a better located address to collect on your behalf.

How do I ensure they fit?

Snugglesox has a “generous fit”, so if you are between sizes e.g. sometimes a 5 / 6 in a typical foot width, you can order the lower size i.e. a 5, which would be a Small. Men with very wide feet can go with the bigger size. Each product has a description, listing which foot sizes they will fit, so please refer to this when selecting size. Please note there will be slight sizing differences between various fabric colours due varying amount of stretch in the fabric. Snugglesox stretch about 1-2cm after wearing so if they feel a bit snug initially, wear them a few times. If they still feel too snug after wearing a few times, please contact us to arrange an exchange. If they are slightly too loose, we recommend just adding a thicker sock underneath because a smaller size might be too tight.

Exchange/Refund policy during COVID-19

We want to do the utmost to ensure you are happy with your order. Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting physical returns/exchanges right now, but if you are not satisfied please do reach out and email us on If you send us a photo or explanation of the problem we will contact you and try our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We can either send a replacement pair or do a refund if a suitable replacement is not available. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order.

Are Snugglesox available in shops and where can I try them on?

Snugglesox are currently only available from our online shop, so there is no physical shop where you can try them on. However we offer a 30 day refund or exchange, so if you are unhappy with your size you are welcome to contact us to arrange a return.

How do Snugglesox solve the problem of cold feet?

Cold feet are usually caused by the blood vessels in your feet constricting due to cold surroundings, making it impossible for your warm blood to circulate and regulate a comfortable temperature. Exercise improves your circulation and generates some internal heat but there is another enjoyable remedy: apply all-surrounding warmth to allow the blood vessels to expand, which will improve your circulation to the area for a long time. The warmth will also spread to the rest of your body because your blood is constantly circulating. You also need to keep the area covered up as not to get cold again, and Snugglesox perform all these functions: They warm up and keep those toasty toes from getting cold again.

What fabric are they made from and what's inside the channels?

The slipper and the ankle cuff is made from fleece fabric which is polyester and our preferred choice of fabric because it is extremely warm; light weight; and has insulting air pockets (similar to how wool works). Fleece is a safer choice to use in the microwave because it does not contain any cotton which is flammable. The filling is food grade rice, selected for its heat retaining ability and its neutral odour as compared to other filling choices like wheat which can smell like burnt pop corn.

How long do Snugglesox stay warm?

Approximately 20/30 minutes, but you will find your feet stay comfortably warm long after the 30 minutes is over. Sitting in cold surroundings may affect this time, so a great idea is to snuggle up under a blanket, which will make your Snugglesox stay warm for much longer.

How do I heat my Snugglesox?

Place your Snugglesox in a standard microwave oven and heat for approximately 90 seconds on high, testing for preferred temperature. Ensure that the Snugglesox are free to turn for even heat distribution. Do not overheat your Snugglesox. If they are not warm enough (microwave oven strengths vary), increase by 10 seconds until preferred warmth is obtained.

Can one feel the individual 'granules' from the filling?

When sitting or lying down you will not feel any granules, just great relaxing warmth. While they are not specifically designed for walking, you can stand and walk (indoors) with them on…and then you might feel the granules if you feet are very sensitive however with socks they should be very comfortable. You can shake them to distribute the filling more evenly.

How much do Snugglesox weigh?

Snugglesox are heavier than ordinary slippers because of the filling, however once they are on your feet, you will not notice the weight. They weigh approximately:

  • Small: 280 grams per foot (560 grams per pair)
  • Medium: 360 grams per foot (720 grams per pair)
  • Large: 440 grams per foot (880 grams per pair)

How do I keep my Snugglesox clean?

Snugglesox are for indoor use only. They cannot be washed because the filling is organic and not waterproof. You can use a damp cloth to wipe dirt off the surface of the fabric. When not in use, Snugglesox can be stored in a cloth bag. You can place the Snugglesox in a pillowcase or a cloth bag (with NO metal) before heating in the microwave.

How long do they last before needing to be replaced?

That depends how you ‘heavily’ you wear them! Snugglesox are completely reusable so can be heated over and over without any loss of efficiency. If you treat them very gently and only wear them while sitting down they can last years. However, we have customers that wear them all winter long and like to replace them every 1 or 2 years since they walk around in them in the house and this causes the fabric to start looking a bit worn out.

Can I wear Snugglesox outdoors?

No, they are intended for indoor use only.

How and where are they made? Do you sew them yourself?

Do you sew them yourself? –> Hahaha!…no. Contrary to popular belief, my sewing skills are a bit sub-par…so while I created and tested all the prototypes myself, I now use a small professional sewing company in Johannesburg for the manufacturing. Each slipper is hand-made (cutting, sewing and filling), and quality-checked and packed independently.

Are Snugglesox safe?

If used as directed (heating for 90 seconds), Snugglesox are safe but they need to be used with common sense, as with any product that gets hot (e.g. hot water bottles). Do not use if you have a medical problem that may impair your judgment of heat, or on any person who is not able to remove them if they are feeling too hot. If in doubt, consult your doctor first. Take care on slippery surfaces, especially with elderly people who may have impaired balance. For best foot hygiene, wear Snugglesox over a normal pair of socks. DO NO OVERHEAT AS THIS IS NOT SAFE. Excessive overheating can cause burns, and will cause the fabric to melt and small holes will appear in the fabric.

Can I retail Snugglesox or use it as a promotional gift?

If you are interested in reselling Snugglesox, please contact us on The product is hand-made and very labour intensive so there is not much room for margin. Consignment stock is not offered, but for bulk orders (e.g. promotional gifts) a discount can be arranged.

Can I send someone a pair of Snugglesox overseas?

By default our online shop only caters for our South African market, but it is possible to arrange international deliveries. For international orders, please email us on with the address you would like to send to and how many products, and we will get back to you with a quote and process the order manually.