Snugglesox are Microwave Heatable Foot Warmers / Bed Socks

Watch the quick video for a Snugglesox introduction


Snugglesox fit adult men & women, with a roomy fit as they are intended to wear over socks - so don't 'size up'...just select your matching shoe size:

  • X-Small: fits size 1 – 2
  • Small: fits sizes 3 – 5
  • Medium: fits sizes 6 – 8
  • Large: fits sizes 9 – 11
  • X-Large: fits sizes 12 – 14 but **currently Sold Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Snugglesox is only available through our online shop. There is no physical shop where you can try them on. We have detailed size guides on the product detail of each item, and offer a 30 day refund or exchange. If you are unhappy with your size you are welcome to contact us to arrange a return.

Handy payment options include Yoco credit card, Yoco instant EFT, or a normal bank EFT (if you choose this option we will send you the payment details after you order). We offer one flat rate delivery fee of R80 and use either Courierguy or Fastway Couriers. JHB/PTA orders usually only take 2-3 work days, and the rest of SA can take up to 5 working days. 

Please contact us within 30 days of purchase if you need an exchange or refund. We want to do the utmost to ensure you are happy with your order. Send us a photo or explanation of the problem and we’ll try our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We can either send a replacement pair or do a refund if a suitable replacement is not available. Email us on and we will advise on next steps.

No, the couriers are unable to deliver at an exact time of the day, but if you are not available on certain days please put it in the order notes. You will receive email updates with a tracking number for as soon as it is booked with the couriers. If you are in JHB/PTA you can expect your order within 2-3 work days, and 3-5 work days for the rest of SA.

We deliver via courier to any city or main town in all provinces in South Africa. We are unable to deliver to a P.O. Box, and unable to deliver to informal settlements. If you live in an outlying area (townships, farms) you will need to organise an address in your closest town to ensure your parcel is delivered. If you are unsure, please email or send us a message via the button on the bottom of the page.

Our measurements are based on SA shoe sizes and have a “generous fit” as they are intended to be worn over regular socks. So just choose your matching shoe size, and don’t buy bigger. Size descriptions appear on all products and match the shoe size, example: If you are a 5 shoe size, we suggest the Small (fits 3-5) which covers up to a size 5 foot. Men with very wide feet that are between sizes, can go with the bigger size. There are minor differences between various fabric colours due varying amount of stretch in the fabric and they will also stretch with wear.  If they feel too tight, please contact us to arrange an exchange. If they are only slightly too loose, we recommend trying a thicker sock underneath because a smaller size might be too small.


Snugglesox are not washable because like most microwave heatable products, they have organic filling sewn into them. They are not regular slippers for walking, and should be seen as a hot water bottle for your feet or used like bed socks. Each order comes with a breathable microwave-safe fabric bag, they can be placed inside the bag before warming and to store them in between uses. The following is recommended to get the best use out of them: use indoors only while sitting or sleeping, wear them over clean socks, store and warm them in supplied fabric bag. If needed wipe the outside down with damp cloth or a pethair roller to remove any dust.

Please refer to the duration printed on the fabric bag you will receive. Ensure that the Snugglesox are free to turn for even heat distribution. They can be heated in their storage bag. Place your Snugglesox in a standard microwave oven and only heat for 1 minute (60 secons) for small sizes or 1 1/2 minutes (90 seconds) for medium and large sizes. Do not overheat your Snugglesox as this will burn holes in the fabric. 

They stay warm for approximately 20/30 minutes, but you will find your feet stay comfortably warm long after the 30 minutes is over. Sitting in cold surroundings may affect this time, so a great idea is to snuggle up under a blanket, which will make your Snugglesox stay warm for much longer.

The slipper and the ankle cuff is made from fleece fabric which is polyester and our preferred choice of fabric because it is extremely warm; light weight; and has insulting air pockets (similar to how wool works). Fleece is a safer choice to use in the microwave because it does not contain any cotton which is flammable. The filling is food grade rice, selected for its heat retaining ability and its neutral odour as compared to other filling choices like wheat which can smell like burnt pop corn.

That depends how you heavily you wear them! Snugglesox are completely reusable so can be heated over and over without any loss of efficiency. If you treat them gently and only wear them while sitting or lying down, they can last 2-3 years. However, walking will wear the fabric out much sooner.

Snugglesox are not made for walking and someone who is unstable on their feet should not walk in them as they do not have a non-slip sole. They can safely be used while sitting or lying down. Snugglesox are heavier than ordinary slippers because of the filling, however once they are on your feet, you will not notice the weight. The sizes all vary but they usually weigh less than a kilogram. Guidelines are:

  • Small: 300 grams per foot (600 grams per pair)
  • Medium: 400 grams per foot (800 grams per pair)
  • Large and X-Large: 500 grams per foot (1000 grams per pair)

If used as directed (heating for 60 – 90 seconds), Snugglesox are safe but they need to be used with common sense, as with any product that gets hot e.g. hot water bottles. Do not use if you have a medical problem that may impair your judgment of heat, or on any person who is not able to remove them if they are feeling too hot. If in doubt, consult your doctor first. Take care on slippery surfaces, especially with elderly people who may have impaired balance. For best foot hygiene, wear Snugglesox over a normal pair of socks. DO NO OVERHEAT AS THIS IS NOT SAFE. Excessive overheating can cause burns, and will cause the fabric to melt and small holes will appear in the fabric, and it can cause a fire.

Our online shop only caters for our South African market, and at the moment it is very costly to courier overseas so for now we unfortunately cannot arrange this.

Snugglesox are made in SA! Snugglesox was invented and tested locally by the owner in Johannesburg, and each slipper is hand-made by our team of sewing professionals and quality check individually. Some of our other products like our hoodies are imported due to cost reasons (we’re not able to source this fabric locally at a competitive cost).

At the moment we don’t do wholesale as we are not able to manufacture enough stock to keep up with our direct demand. The product is very labour intensive to make so the markup % opportunity is limited, so a reseller model is not viable. If you need order 10+ products e.g. for a corporate gifts please contact us on and we might be able to arrange a discount.