The Snuggle is Real

Toasty toes with Snugglesox

Warm those icy feet in a few minutes! Heat soft fleecy Snugglesox in the microwave oven for 90 seconds and get INSTANT relief on those cold winter days.

When your feet are cold, your whole body feels cold! Exercise or taking a hot bath is an effective remedy but not always practical. Now you can apply warmth directly to your feet whenever you need it, and the insulating fabric keeps your feet warm even after the filling has cooled.

Snugglesox offer a wonderful solution to the problem of cold feet due to weather or poor circulation. Cold feet is usually caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in extremities in response to the cold surroundings…making it impossible for your warm blood to circulate and regulate a comfortable temperature.

Soft insulating fleece and odour-free filling

Made from two layers of stretchy fleece fabric which keeps you warm, and filled with food-grade organic filling which has a neutral odour when warmed (no burnt pop corn smell!)

Unique design with channels

8 Channels contain a heat-retaining filling which spreads the warmth snugly around your feet. With our updated design, the channels also cover your toes!

Flexible and comfortable

They are flexible enough move around in…because really, who wants to take these off? (but not intended for extensive walking)

Wonderful gift idea they will love!

If your loved one suffers from cold feet, they will love receiving Snugglesox as a gift

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