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Do you battle with icy cold feet? Snugglesox heatable foot warmers offer a wonderful solution to the problem of cold feet due to weather or poor circulation. Simply heat them in the microwave for a minute, and let the soothing warmth instantly melt away the cold! Stay cozy and comfortable while lying in bed, relaxing, or sitting at the computer. 

Snugglesox colour options

Get toasty warm toes with Snugglesox:

Unique 8-Channel design spreads the warmth snugly all around your feet, including toes!

Soft insulating fleece and an organic, low-odour filling (no burnt popcorn smell!).

Surprise your loved one with a wonderful unique gift that will help keep them warm.

Reusable with free storage bag! Intended for snuggling, not walking. (Not washable due to organic filling.)

(Best winter garment ever! Great for Women AND Men)


Navy Snoozie Hoodie

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